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Struggling with addiction? We can help...
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So many children need a Foster Parent to make a difference in their life. Can you help?
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Rene moved her career forward at our Employment & Training Center. You can too!

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We support people to address problems during difficult times and give the step up they are seeking. Looking for help? We offer more than 50 services and programs for people challenged by mental health and addiction problems, basic needs, trauma, housing, education and employment. We can help...

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Rene earned her GED and received multiple national certifications in medical coding and billing, electronic health records and customer service. She is ready to pursue a degree in nursing. Read more

 “I had a very unstable living situation. I was using substances at the time. That was the time I hurt myself, I tried killing myself and was just at a low, low point in my life.” He’s been sober a little over three years now, so his journey has been long and arduous.  Read more

Our mission – We support individuals and families in their efforts to meet economic, social and emotional challenges and enhance their well-being.

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