Shantell's Story

Shantell was bouncing from house to house and, as she says it, getting into trouble. But, with a son to take care of, she decided she needed to make some changes. She entered the Woonsocket Shelter last year and turned her life around.

Here’s how she described her experience...

“I was really motivated. It was time to get on my feet. I couldn’t keep bouncing from house to house. I can honestly say, the Shelter helped me so much. My baby was four and had never been in a school setting. They helped me start the process to get my son in Head Start. They helped me with transportation... getting my son to and from school, and myself to and from my job work program.  I was always shy about getting assistance... I guess I was ashamed. But, they told me that I needed it to take care of my son and should just use assistance to get me started.” 

“I didn’t have any patience and was so explosive, but they saw that I was a good person, and that I was motivated, that I took care of my son. They just pushed me to be better. The staff is really caring. They do care. They understand me, and made me who I am right now."

"They helped me with Rapid Rehousing after being in the shelter for seven months. I didn’t mind doing chores... they prepared me for when I was able to be on my own. And they made me pay an occupancy fee. I really liked that... I agreed with that part. People get comfortable with not paying their rent, and this prepares you for having to pay your own rent.”

“They helped me a lot at the holidays... Thanksgiving and the holiday baskets. A church comes and sets up food for Thanksgiving and for the holidays the Adopt-a-Family program is a big help. I thank God for that. The shelter program was a successful process for me. They gave me all the resources and all the important information that I needed. Lisa Letang was wonderful.” 

“Now I’m an intern in the PAID program. I’m loving it. I’m doing an internship. I also did a three week internship with Snapchef and received my food handlers license and serve-safe license.  I hope to have a permanent job soon.”


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