Each person we serve has unique challenges. One of the best ways to impart the importance of our work is to share their inspiring stories.

Jerry's Story


My name is Jerry. For me, financial stability had always been non-existent; dead end jobs led to dead end jobs, which ultimately led to debt and evictions. While my debt grew larger, my window for change seemed to be getting smaller; I knew I needed change but did not know the path to take to get there. The Full Story»

Telling Frank's Story


“I had a very unstable living situation. I was using substances at the time. That was the time I hurt myself, I tried killing myself and was just at a low, low point in my life.” He’s been sober a little over three years now, so his journey has been long and arduous. The Full Story»

Jasmine's Story


Jasmine Rogers entered the Youth Success program in 2015. She is 18 years old and her son, Xavier is 2 1/2 years old. The Full Story»

Gavin's Story


One afternoon in September 2010, a young man dressed in Army fatigues who appeared to be 7 feet tall came into The Harbour Youth Center looking for support and a place to be after school. Gavin had been in and out of the DCYF system from the age of 5 and often says that he struggled to know where he belonged and who he could trust. But that has changed. The Full Story»

Deanna's Story


After working as a CNA and realizing that nursing was not the career choice for me, I felt stuck. I had a medical background and wanted to stay in healthcare, but only had experience as a CNA. Quite honestly, I felt discouraged and did not think there was an educational solution that could work for me. The Full Story»

Fatimah's Story


Fatumata Jawneh (Fatimah) moved to Woonsocket from Gambia, West Africa in March 2014 when she was 19 years old. Apart from her younger sister, she did not know anyone and had never been to this country before. The Full Story»

Lynn's Story


Hi! My name is Lynn and I am an alcoholic, addict, a domestic violence survivor. I’d stay in relationships despite the violence so I’d have a roof over my head—and would couch surf on friends’ couches. I’ve had little bouts of homelessness through the years. The Full Story»

Marissa's Story


Marissa has worked hard to be a good parent to her son and improve their family situation. The Full Story»

Joanne's Story


Being homeless is rarely a choice, but a result of circumstances. After a time of unemployment and housing instability, Joanne, Joel and their 3 year old daughter found themselves in that place—without a home. With nowhere else to go, the Woonsocket Shelter offered them a safe residence to address the obstacles that got in the way of their obtaining permanent housing. The Full Story»

Christopher's Story


When I was sixteen years old, I made the decision to drop out of high school and start working. I had little motivation to finish my education and I let my anxiety get the better of me. I thought that I would be okay as long as I found work. I had a couple of part-time jobs throughout the year, but soon realized that fast-food and retail positions were not going to keep me on my feet forever. Sho...The Full Story»

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