Therapy Dogs Ready for Work

This is Tedy...ready to work! Tedy works at our Acute Stabilization Unit. Shad and Brie, our other therapy dogs, love coming to work at the Wellness and Recovery Center. All our therapy dogs have family lives of their own, but have been trained to gently be around other people.

Therapy Dog, Tedy

Tedy is about two years old. Amy Brooks, Administrative Assistant at our Acute Stabilization Unit, and her family adopted Tedy from the Lincoln Animal Shelter. He is wonderful as a family pet and even gets along with Manny, the family's cat. 

Tedy is now a certified Canine Good Citizen, and Tedy and Amy are a certified Pat Partners Therapy team. Tedy comes to the Acute Stabilization Unit two to three times a week and spends time with clients both in group and individual settings. Tedy has some favorite spots, like the office chairs, and loves playing ball with people in the courtyard. 

Shad and Brie, Therapy DogsShad and Brie

Shad (Shadrack) and Brie (Eye Spy Briannah) started work as wee pups around 8 weeks old. They recently received length of service awards for being on the job for 5 and 10 years. Laura Vear, their owner and Master's Level Clinician at the Wellness and Recovery Center reports that Shad was a natural born therapy dog, while Brie needed a little extra training to help "regulate her emotions" Shad developed skills to work with clients at an early age, including his self-taught trick of rolling the ball up to people to entice them to play. He only barks if he places a toy at your feet and thinks you don't notice! After a basic obedience class, Brie learned to be more "mindful" at work and now shines as a therapy dog along with her best buddy, Shad. They love coming to work at the Wellness Center. If clients start to cry during a session, they soon have a dog curled up at their feet and a pair of empathetic eyes looking up at them.

For people with few family members, the dogs become family. Each year, Shad and Brie are featured in the Wellness & Recovery holiday card. Many have said that they still have these cards hung on their walls in their homes.

Both shad and Brie have been working with a married couple since they were puppies. The couple communicates better when the dogs are present and the dogs often bring them closer together through their canine antics. The dogs instinctively know when this couple comes in and have been known to howl (in chorus) from behind the closed door of their office when they arrive.

I love these dogs. I'm still afraid of all dogs except for these two."

Client who was attacked by a dog as a child

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