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Administrative Offices, Intake and Emergency Services, Outpatient Services and Partial Hospitalization Program are located at 800 Clinton Street in Woonsocket.

People flourish when they have a healthy mind and body, a place to live, enough food, supportive relationships, and sufficient income. When these conditions are present our communities thrive.

Everyone experiences tough times. Having help when you need it is the key to facing these challenges. Community Care Alliance strives to empower people experiencing economic insecurity, mental illness and addiction, housing issues, and trauma-related concerns.

It's hard to think about people in dire straits, but everyone can agree that when people have dignity and are empowered, our community thrives. 

Community Care Alliance operates over 50 programs, providing a comprehensive array of family-centered services at various locations, predominantly in northern Rhode Island. 

These might include basic needs assistance to address emergencies— counseling, treatment, support services and residential programs for individuals and families impacted by serious mental illness and addiction— emergency and supportive housing to prevent homelessness and promote stabilization— alternative education and services for families with young children and adolescents— and employment, financial literacy and vocational training to improve self-sufficiency.  

For example,  we help put food on the table, keep lights on, pay an emergency bill, improve employment outcomes, ensure an adolescent's well-being, recover someone's behavioral health, provide safe, sober spaces for socializing, build parenting skills... and more.

We support a culture of collaboration and communication, and our teams work together to provide the most accessible and appropriate care. We do this through outcome-driven, innovative programming and collaborative partnerships between programs and with other organizations. 

Community Care Alliance is a 501(c)3 not-f0r-profit organization, accredited by the Council on Accreditation (COA) and grant-funded Certified Behavioral Healthcare Clinic (CCBHC).

Community Care Alliance is a Community Action Program agency and a member of the Rhode Island Community Action Association.

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Our focus is to treat people in a holistic, comprehensive way. Our extensive array of services allows us to support individuals and families as they work to address their specific needs."

Ben Lessing, Community Care Alliance CEO


We support individuals and families in their efforts to meet economic, social and emotional challenges and enhance their well-being.


Through programs, advocacy and collaboration people are empowered to discover their potential and live as engaged citizens, free of stigma, within a thriving community.

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PO Box 1700 | Woonsocket, RI | 02895 | Directions
401.235.7000 Main Agency | 401.235.7120 Emergency

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