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Letter - Lack of vision, planning to blame for homelessness

We are barely six months away from the kind of inclement weather that creates dangerous circumstances for people living outside. What we know is that the number of people living outside, or as the Coalition to End Homelessness characterizes are living in places unfit for human habitation, continues to rise. The Full Story»


Letter - Agency turns its back on RI’s most vulnerable

It is a fait accompli. Nonetheless, the recent stories regarding "BHDDH on schedule with its evictions of MAP, CCA" were a final slap in the face to people with serious mental illness and addiction concerns. The Full Story»


Letter - An Urgent Call for RI Leaders to Deal with Homelessness

As we approach the annual Martin Luther King holiday, it is worth asking ourselves what we are doing to make real D al Ma r. King’s vision of a Beloved Community here in Rhode Island. The Full Story»


A letter to Woonsocket Delegates

I encourage you not to waste another day. Establish a Housing Workgroup that includes these community partners. Together, we can end homelessness, creating a healthier and safer community.The Full Story»


Letter - No Longer Nationally Recognized

Rhode Island had a nationally recognized Behavioral Health System. What is happening is unconscionable; a State Hospital full, hundreds of homeless people suffering with serious mental illness and addiction; overdose deaths weekly, a system collapsing. The adult system is bad but services for children are not much better. The Full Story»


Letter - Why the Non-Profit Sector Matters

Throughout the years I have heard repeatedly that there are too many non-profits in Rhode Island. A popular narrative is that these organizations are “magnets” for people in need. The Full Story»


Letter - Gov. Here's an Idea for a Homeless Shelter

I am writing you today to request that you consider the needs we have experienced in Woonsocket and propose a strategy for how to begin to address this problem. The Full Story»


Letter - Can We Have an Honest Conversation?

The frustration among providers has been the lack of recognition that community-based organizations as well as residential treatment programs have been in decline financially for the last 20 years – at a minimum. The Full Story»


Blog - Too Many Out in the Cold: A Call to Action

Across the state, there are at least 1267 unsheltered individuals living on the streets, in cars, in encampments, or other spaces not meant for human habitation. The state is currently sitting on hundreds of millions of unspent dollars while our neighbors are left out in the cold. Please join us in a call to action to demand that the state immediately and adequately funds accessible emergency she...The Full Story»


Letter - Clarifying the Record on Woonsocket’s Response to Homelessness

I am writing in response to Woonsocket Councilman Jim Cournoyer’s editorial to clarify the expenditure of funds contracted to Community Care Alliance to address and prevent homelessness. The Full Story»

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