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Letter - No Longer Nationally Recognized

Rhode Island had a nationally recognized Behavioral Health System. What is happening is unconscionable; a State Hospital full, hundreds of homeless people suffering with serious mental illness and addiction; overdose deaths weekly, a system collapsing. The adult system is bad but services for children are not much better. The Full Story»


Letter - Why the Non-Profit Sector Matters

Throughout the years I have heard repeatedly that there are too many non-profits in Rhode Island. A popular narrative is that these organizations are “magnets” for people in need. The Full Story»


Letter - Gov. Here's an Idea for a Homeless Shelter

I am writing you today to request that you consider the needs we have experienced in Woonsocket and propose a strategy for how to begin to address this problem. The Full Story»


Letter - Can We Have an Honest Conversation?

The frustration among providers has been the lack of recognition that community-based organizations as well as residential treatment programs have been in decline financially for the last 20 years – at a minimum. The Full Story»


Blog - Too Many Out in the Cold: A Call to Action

Across the state, there are at least 1267 unsheltered individuals living on the streets, in cars, in encampments, or other spaces not meant for human habitation. The state is currently sitting on hundreds of millions of unspent dollars while our neighbors are left out in the cold. Please join us in a call to action to demand that the state immediately and adequately funds accessible emergency she...The Full Story»


Letter - Clarifying the Record on Woonsocket’s Response to Homelessness

I am writing in response to Woonsocket Councilman Jim Cournoyer’s editorial to clarify the expenditure of funds contracted to Community Care Alliance to address and prevent homelessness. The Full Story»


Letter - Rescue Funds Could Rebuild RI's Broken Mental Health Care

This is a clarion call to the governor and the General Assembly. We beseech everyone to call them now and implore them to demonstrate this commitment to the common good and to make things fair and equitable. This will truly make for a better world for all of us. The Full Story»


Letter - Show Appreciation for Workforce with Increased Salaries

By far, the greatest existential challenge to organizations such as Community Care Alliance is critically insufficient and delayed funding. The Full Story»


Letter - RI Faces a Crisis in Human Services

I cannot tell you over the course of a 40+ year career in human services how often I have met with elected officials stating “You are doing God’s work”. This is typically a precursor to a conversation about limited funding. It always comes down to priorities that do not meet human needs. The Full Story»


Blog - Safe Haven is Just the Beginning

Being able to live in a house or apartment that you’re able to afford is increasingly difficult and evident in the growing population of homeless individuals and families in our communities. The Full Story»

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