Renee had a Great Learning Experience with CCA

Texas is a really big state, so it’s no surprise when Texans walk in with really ambitious plans!  Renee had some grand hopes and dreams when she recently moved from the Lone Star State to the Ocean State.  Two of these hopes were to complete her high school education and to get some training that would help her achieve economic stability in order to provide a good life for her two little boys. 

After doing careful research, Renee discovered Community Care Alliance (CCA).  The friendly staff at CCA answered Renee’s questions, assessed the firmness of her educational foundation, and enrolled her in the Healthcare Reimbursement Specialist (HRS) program. They were also able to place her with Project LEARN so she could work on getting her GED.  Renee was weak in mathematics, but she was determined to succeed.  Her drive, and the skillful guidance of her teacher, enabled Renee to receive her GED within two months, while simultaneously handling the HRS study load! 

Soon after getting her GED, Renee graduated from the HRS program in May 2017.  She received multiple national certifications in medical coding and billing, electronic health records and customer service.  Renee was recognized as the most professional student in the class by her peers and was awarded a professionalism award.  Renee is now in a paid internship though CCA’s youth center and working closely with Employment and Training’s employment specialist. 

Eventually, Renee hopes to study nursing, starting at CCRI and then at URI.  She is also looking forward to the day when she can make a trip to Germany and visit the land of her grandparents, finally putting her German language skills to practical use.  Knowing Renee, no dream is too big!  

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