Showing Support in Blue

Blue is the color for National Child Abuse Prevention month, and this team is all in. Wearing blue at their online meeting today, the FCCP Team (Family Care Community Partnership) walks the walk everyday helping stressed families and children at risk to meet their goals. 

Even though challenged by the coronavirus' social distancing requirements, this team is connecting with families by phone and are especially attuned to the added stressors of isolation, kids learning from home and employment concerns.

In 2019 the FCCP served 344 youth and their families. Staff typically spend 6 months helping families, guiding them with strategies to attend to behavioral health issues, household organizational needs and housing needs. They use the wraparound model, which focuses on family strength and family voice and choice. 

This year's message, “Everyone can make great childhoods happen—especially you, especially now!” speaks to the duty we all have to be a child's advocate, source of comfort and support. No child should feel unsafe. 

Regarding the impact of the coronavirus social distancing, "We have found lots of opportunity for reconnecting with ourselves and our families, found time to invest in one another and have the opportunity to talk to everyone about mental health without stigma! I would also quote the Queen and say that 'we will meet again.'" 

—Patricia Corbett, FCCP Manager.

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