Supply Chain & Safety Challenges in the World of the Essential Employee

"I'm thankful to have Nancy Crino's help... she really helped the process along."—Tony Orlando,  Corporate Compliance Officer, Coordinator of Contracts & Facilities Manager

When you're not the first in the supply line, a warrior is needed to protect staff on the frontlines. Tony Orlando is our guy! With hospital and nursing homes prioritized for PPE, Tony has been leading the charge, thinking creatively and on the hunt for alternative solutions. Hand sanitizer, germicidal wipes, masks, cleaning supplies, gloves...

In an email to reassure staff, Tony said, "Ben has made this my number one mission and I can assure you that CCA has an army of Administrative Staff and Managers looking out for these items for you 24/7 - literally 24/7 from over 100 different sources state, federal, public, and private."

Director of Nurses, Susan Corkran, has been continually updating staff on protocols for social distancing, wearing masks, and sanitizing. Her almost daily emails to our employees help ensure that those not in the medical arena understand the ins and outs of proper sanitizing, along with the latest updates regarding COVID-19 from the CDC. She is also wrangling the sewing cadre to make face masks since the directive to wear them in public, and in light of our inability to obtain N-95s. This is more important now that the Governor has initiated an order for mandatory wearing of face masks.

This week, Nancy Crino, RN, has come on board as a volunteer, to help with getting supplies to staff. With staff nurses busy with ensuring staff and client safety, this help is greatly appreciated. 

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