Portraits of Promise

Members of the The Harbour Youth Center at an event when social distancing was not a thing! 

The Harbour Youth Center works with youth and young adults ages 14-24 in the Northern RI region, with many of those young folks being in Woonsocket. I have had the pleasure of working with these young people for the past 10 years in Woonsocket and I have learned many things. My first ‘lesson’ was before I even started at The Harbour. I was told by many people when I said that I was going to be managing a youth center through CCA in Woonsocket that ‘the kids there are bad news’ or ‘are lazy and don’t care about anything.’

Nothing could be further from the truth. I have worked with some of the smartest, kindest and hardest working young people in the state here at The Harbour. I have spent many years trying to convey to folks how wonderful the youth of Woonsocket truly are and why we as a community and state should invest our time, money and love in them. Because the truth is, they are supporting us every day in silence. I have experienced great sacrifice from our youth, immense kindness and a work ethic that is unparalleled.

Now in this time of struggle, fear and uncertainty, we at The Harbor Youth Center want to give all of you the opportunity to get to know some of our amazing youth and young adults through our ‘Portraits of Promise’ series. Every day we will be highlighting one of our brave and selfless young people with a picture and a write-up of what they are doing for us. Our young people are out in the world, putting themselves in danger to perform jobs that just a few short weeks ago many thought were non-essential, low skilled jobs. However, now we all know just how vital the work that is being done in grocery stores, restaurants, healthcare facilities, food distribution, etc. truly is to our existence and strength as individuals, families and a community.

I want to personally thank every single young person in Woonsocket and in the State of RI for the work you are doing for your fellow Rhode Islanders. We owe you not just a great debt of gratitude but a great deal of respect. Please join me in thanking these amazing folks for all they are doing and if you see them around our little state, take a moment to stop and acknowledge them. They deserve it!”

—Stump Evans
Youth Services Manager
The Harbour Youth Center at Community Care Alliance

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