Be the One to Say the Bright Thing

Linda shows off the artwork of her co-worker, Helene, with a glint in her eye. 

Today, we're giving a shout out to the people who are an integral part of the operations, working behind the scenes. Thank you to all our admin staff for doing the nitty-gritty work and attending to the details. Pictured here is Linda McKenna, Accounts Payable Specialist, who is eager to show off her new daily attire, sporting a mustache even! The artwork is thanks to Helene DeChristofero, Accounting Assistant.   When you do the kind of work they do every day, you have to know how to have fun!

And what better day to tell this story, than on the day we are promoting "Call Me Positive" as part of our May is Mental Health Month initiative, a great way of spreading good things happening, even in these difficult times. Let's continue to brighten each other's day with a good laugh and positive thoughts. 

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