Not Only A Case Manager...

but also a client!

Jovani hard at work, tackling James' computer assignments. 

James Guzzi works as a Case Manager in our Family Support Program helping clients receive food by making no contact drop-offs. He says he loves his work. "Although I am inside my car, windows up at a safe distance, I observe people as they receive their commodities. It has put huge smiles on their faces. They will call me after & express heartfelt appreciation."

But James is not only a case manager at CCA—he is also a client. Pre-pandemic, James discovered that Jovani has a speech delay. He felt quite overwhelmed but luckily knew where to turn. He signed up for Community Care Alliance's Early Intervention services, and to his relief, Jovani quickly made great progress. Then COVID-19 hit in full force. As everything began to shut down, James worried about how his son would continue to receive services. 

Wednesday session with Susan Guilmain. She is on the computer in the picture.
Thursdays session with  Michaela Nunes & Ana Marie Ceron-Orrego. I thought I would get fancy with the big screen.

Community Care Alliance moved quickly to make sure that clients like Jovani could still continue to make progress even as the world around us seems to have shut down. Over the last few weeks, Jovani has had virtual sessions with his case managers. CCA understands that the time frame for early intervention is a crucial part of the program's success, and continues to prioritize their clients needs. 

James writes: "I am in a unique situation working for CCA as a case manager and receiving services due to the needs of my son. Jovani has benefited greatly through the Early Intervention program. We went from being overwhelmed to excited for him. Covid-19 couldn't get in the way of that."

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