Calling for Social Justice

Black Americans and all people of color have reached a tipping point with the murder of George Floyd in Minnesota. America was founded on a slave economy that has largely remained intact for over 400 years. The end of the civil war in this country only facilitated other iterations of slavery referred to as Jim Crow and outright segregation, another form of Apartheid. While this country was quite literally built on the backs of African Americans, they have never procured the economic security, education, access to healthcare, or the respect and privileges that white Americans take for granted. The deep and continuing trauma African Americans and all people of color have had to endure has resulted in health disparities, needless poverty and over-representation in the Corrections and Child Welfare systems.
At Community Care Alliance, the Board of Directors and Staff stand with our Brothers and Sisters in the African American and Latino communities and all people of color in demanding the systemic change necessary to end the racist policies and behavior that have seeped into this country’s culture. America cannot be a place where “all people are created equal” and we cannot have a “more perfect Union” unless and until we are willing to confront and eradicate racism. It is incumbent on white Americans to understand and come to terms with the pain inflicted on people of color over the past 400 years and provide leadership in changing a culture based on racism and privilege.

Benedict F. Lessing, Jr., MSW

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