Nancy Paradee, Woonsocket Community Advocate Retires

Community Care Alliance bids farewell to Nancy Paradee, Sr. Vice President of Housing, Workforce Development, and Basic Needs, as she retires with almost 30 years of dedicated service to the community. Nancy leaves an indelible legacy. She was originally hired as the Executive Director of the Woonsocket Shelter Community Action Program (WSCAP) in 1991. At that time, her leadership was instrumental in reviving a Community Action Program that had been closed for over 20 years due to policies of the 1970's. Nancy brought the agency back program by program, focusing her efforts on homeless individuals and families in Woonsocket. In the 1990's it was Nancy who planted and nurtured the seeds of collaboration with Family Resources, Inc. that led to the development of Family Resources Community Action, thereby creating a comprehensive array of services for low-income families and individuals in Woonsocket. 

Subsequent to the merger of NRI Community Services and Family Resources Community Action in 2014, Nancy was part of a team that has built a comprehensive and integrated organization now known as Community Care Alliance. Long before what we now refer to as the "social determinants of health," Nancy was quietly and persistently working to address the "basic needs" of people living in poverty through emergency shelter, permanent and supported housing programs; jobs and employment and training programs, a youth center that engages and supports high risk adolescents; and the development of a Family Support Center that is a one-stop, point of contact to address multiple needs. 

Nancy Paradee often took photos at agency events. The ShelterWalk fundraising event has been an institution throughout her career. Here she is in 2013 just prior to the merger creating Community Care Alliance.
Nancy is known for her work in the community at the grass roots level collaborating with local churches, the City of Woonsocket and other human service and housing development organizations. She has nurtured and developed many staff, as well as managers that have assumed leadership positions at CCA and elsewhere. Her kindness, generosity and commitment to serving and strengthening vulnerable people that have fallen thru the cracks or that have been pushed to the margins, serve as a model for all of us as we strive to improve the human condition within a thriving community.


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