Saving Lives at BH Link

Senior Peer, Mike Codispoti: Behavioral Health Worker, Ashley Fiorey: Clinician, Elizabeth Beaulieau: Lead Nurse, Meagan Cahoon. Nurse, Melanie Plouff was unavailable for the photo

The following incident came to our attention thanks to Robert Abbruzzese, Jr., MSW, Director of the BH Link Triage Center, which is staffed by Community Care Alliance. Some days just stand out more than others, particularly when a life is saved because a person is in the right place at the right time. This day was one of them. Robert continues as follows…

As you are aware, during my former police and military careers, I have had the honor and privilege of working side-by-side with many heroes. I have personally observed many instances of selfless service and acts of bravery under very stressful circumstances.  I am humbled and proud to inform you that on September 9th, 2020, I once again got the opportunity to watch heroes at work—this time as a member of BH Link and Community Care Alliance.

I would like to personally recognize the following BH Link staff members:  Lead Nurse Meagan Cahoon; Nurse Melanie Plouff; Clinician, Elizabeth Beaulieau; Behavioral Health Worker, Ashely Fiorey: and Senior Peer, Michael Codispoti. Their quick thinking and decisive actions under very stressful circumstances undoubtedly saved the life of an individual who was suffering from a potentially deadly opioid overdose in the parking lot of BH Link.  

Working as a collective team, these mental health professionals were able to quickly recognize a potentially life-threatening emergency taking place. Without any hesitation, they immediately contacted 911 to request EMS and police assistance.  In the meantime, they provided medical aid to this individual, including a total of nine (9) doses of Narcan as she failed to maintain consciousness. Because of the quick actions of our team to assess and act, this woman was conscious and alert when members of Seekonk EMS finally arrived on the scene to transport her to RI Hospital. We later learned that she had been admitted.

It goes without saying, that without the heroic actions taken by this BH Link team, the result of this incident could have had a much more tragic outcome and my correspondence to you completely different.  I am very proud to report to you the actions of these "unsung heroes" who are working on the frontlines in the battle against mental health and substance use issues on a daily basis.    

Robert A. Abbruzzese, Jr., MSW, Director
BH Link Triage Center Community Care Alliance

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