Stepping Up to Fill a Gap with Radiothon

Wendy Pires, Events & Volunteer Coordinator, in the midst of the overwhelming number of gifts donated in 2019. We hope we can fill the gap this year when donor streams have closed due to the pandemic.

Over 600 families that receive services at Community Care Alliance (CCA) are facing the holidays without the supplemental resources that Adopt-a-Family has provided year after year. The organization’s decision was not alone as other holiday donation programs have also closed due to challenges of distribution during the pandemic.

In an effort to fill the gap, Woonsocket ON-Radio, 1240 AM or 99.5 FM, has donated air-time for the Community Care Alliance Radiothon Holiday for Kids Campaign on November 24th from 3:00 – 7:00 PM. CCA Events & Volunteers Coordinator and Community Connections radio host, Wendy Pires, will conduct the show WPRI Meteorologist Michelle Muscatello will make a guest appearance, along with other community supporters. The Radiothon will focus on good deeds, client stories, program news and holiday cheer with original music by local artists.

“This is not just a fundraising event, but an opportunity to shine a light on the way the community of Woonsocket comes together to resolve a great concern for over 600 families that we traditionally help during the holidays. We are grateful to Dave Richards for donating the air time.” said Colleen Joubert, Director of Communications & Development.

Knowing the impending pressure that families would face without these resources, Community Care Alliance is seeking monetary donations to purchase gift cards for children served by the agency by calling 401-766-1240 during the show.

“Staff have expressed great concern for families during the holidays and have come up with a creative strategy that we hope will supplement gift giving for these families in a new way. We can’t count the number of families that have expressed gratitude and relief going into the holiday season with the dignity of giving gifts to their children. We all know how powerful the joy of giving to a child can be,” said Benedict Lessing, President CEO. The agency’s goal is to supplement as much as possible where other resources for toys are unavailable.

Donations can be made at any time at  www.CommunityCareRI.org/Donate. For more information, contact Wendy at Wpires@CommunityCareRI.org.

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