A Crazy Life Comes to Light

New author, Aisha Felix, laid bare her trauma and pain in My Crazy Life, a story that is born out of a childhood that is both magical and terrible at the same time. Her journey brought her to two suicide attempts in a battle for her mental health that has gone on all her life. She has suffered. However, she has also survived and learned from mistakes she has made along the way.

My Crazy Life allows us into her world that begins in the US Virgin Islands, continues in the warm but strict culture of the island of Dominica and ends in the cold, but tight knit community where her mother lives in Woonsocket, RI. Her journey leads to a place in time when she is able to overcome issues of major depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and mood disorder that added to the complications of raising a son and advancing her education. It is astonishing how many times she picks herself up from homelessness, joblessness, custody fights, and unhealthy relationships.

These debilitating conditions required help from many resources, including those found at Community Care Alliance. At one time or another Aisha has lived at our Shelter, has sought help from our Family Support Center, had counseling and case management, vocational training and emergency services when she was at her lowest points.

Carla Faria is Aisha’s Master’s Level Clinician and longterm therapist and casemanager. She says, “I have watched Aisha grow over the years, since even before the idea came to her to write her life story, right through to its completion. As she re-lived the experiences that have brought her to where she is today, she has continued to find healing and developed a newfound strength to continue to work towards her goals. Through her courage, motivation, and perseverance, Aisha is an inspiration to all who struggle with mental health issues.”

When she started writing her story, Aisha didn’t intend to write a book. It was a means of self-healing during the isolation for the pandemic. She wrote one chapter at a time. In My Crazy Life Aisha is unapologetically self-critical and self-forgiving at the same time. There is triumph in these pages and a story of hope for anyone who withstands the suffering of life—which is the reason why she published her book. You can find My Crazy Life by Aisha Felix on Amazon.

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