Blog - Too Many Out in the Cold: A Call to Action

By Michelle Taylor, Vice President of Social Health Services, Community Care Alliance

As we know, we are in the midst of an unprecedented housing crisis in the state of Rhode Island.  Across the state, there are at least 1267 unsheltered individuals living on the streets, in cars, in encampments, or other spaces not meant for human habitation.  We currently have 869 individuals living in emergency shelters, and have seen a 67% increase in unsheltered RI residents since 2020 (numbers taken from House of Hope CDC website). 

The state is currently sitting on hundreds of millions of unspent dollars while our neighbors are left out in the cold.  Please join us in a call to action to demand that the state immediately and adequately funds accessible emergency shelter to prevent individuals from freezing outside this winter.  Additionally, we are calling for immediate investment into new permanent supportive housing units across the state to provide sustainable housing to individuals and families who are unhoused, or in temporary winter shelters. Please share widely, and join us Monday, 12/13/21 at 6:00 PM to uplift the urgent need in our communities, and support unhoused community members and frontline housing advocates across the state.  

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