Frontline Worker Spotlight—Terry Harmon

  Terry Harmon, CNA, CMT, Direct Care Hero
Evergreen Assisted Living, a program of Community Care Alliance, has an award-winning employee! The Rhode Island Assisted Living Association (RIALA) awarded Terry Harmon the Direct Care Hero award this month, and we know why!

Terry, a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) and CMT (Certified Medication Technician), is that friendly, caring person who makes all the difference to each of the 25 individuals staying at Evergreen. Terry also works at Wyndemere Woods in Woonsocket. During the pandemic, even with working at two facilities, she worked many extra hours to cover shifts at Evergreen whenever and wherever there was a need. As a result, there were no gaps in care or a feeling of being left alone by our residents. “Terry is an invaluable part of the team,” says Emmy Jones the Evergreen Administrator. “She is AMAZING! She shows up and always goes above and beyond.”  

What is so special about Terry is that she treats each person living at Evergreen as someone special and this contributes to his or her happiness living there.  For example, Terry makes a point of celebrating birthdays in a big way. She will make a meal by request for those celebrating a birthday, and brings cake and ice cream and a $5 gift and a card. From the start of the day to the end, the birthday is special in large part because of Terry’s attention to details.

She does the same for holidays, making Evergreen feel like a family home. At Christmas Terry gives gifts of small items that she has acquired throughout the year, selected with each person’s likes and personality in mind. Emmy says Terry treats all the residents the same, which is so important in congregate living. 

Evergreen is a distinctive assisted living residence that specializes in working with individuals who have co-occurring behavioral and primary healthcare needs. It is a housing option for adults who have challenges living independently, but do not need the 24-hour medical care provided by a nursing home. The unique character of Evergreen requires a different level and approach to care.

Community Care Alliance is a member of RIALA, a not-for-profit membership organization that serves assisted livings, senior living vendors, and professionals.

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