Spreading Staff Cheer

—As told by Francine Perry, MA, Team Lead/Clinical Case Manager, Northern RI Visitation Center

Each program at our Northern RI Visitation Center works with vulnerable families involved with DCYF. The staff are exposed to things most people could never imagine being reality—things that shake our core.  Year after year I am humbled to have the opportunity to work with such an amazing group of people. As I think they’ve seen enough and their hearts should harden, they rise above each and every time, hearts growing with each day. They are compassionate, passionate, inspiring, to name a few.

An old tradition brought back to life

Throughout the year, we take time periodically for team building activities, including displays of appreciation. A tradition started a few years back before COVID was our annual "Holiday Door Decorating". This year was the first year since the start of the pandemic that we brought the tradition back to life. Each program worked as a team to design a door in the house. Clients vote for their favorite. 


Tuesday, December 20th, was named “Transportation Appreciation Day”

Our dedicated transportation staff are a crucial aspect to our program's functioning, and we are fortunate to have this support for our programs. Each and every day I am thankful for their willingness to go wherever is asked and transport children all over the state to have a visit with their parent(s).  We wanted to find a way to demonstrate our gratitude for them and the role they play within our programs. In this light, we named Tuesday, December 20th, “Transportation Appreciation Day”. 


In their honor we decorated a door for them as they do not have time to participate the way other team members do. We placed a basket of goodies, notes of appreciation, and their favorite treats in their office. Although there are not enough gifts to display our gratitude, hoping this token of our appreciation speaks volumes. 

Happy Holidays!

The Integrated Permanency Support Programs located at the Northern RI Visitation Center at 31 Orchard Street include Nurturing Early Connections and Intensive Family Preservation programs.

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