The Harbour Members Clean Up


The Harbour Youth Center adds a level of energy to our building at 68 Cumberland Street that hasn’t been experienced in a while. It’s a wonderful thing when that lively exuberance is expended in ways that help the greater good.

Let’s give a shout out! These members at The Harbour worked together to fill bags with both trash and recyclables from the entire perimeter of 68 Cumberland Street. At a time when litter has increased and continues to contribute to air, land, and ocean pollution, there is no better time than now to step up and take the initiative to clean up the community! And these young people did it. Shout out to Joezaya, Ismael, Eri, Samantha, Edgar, and Jade for making a difference.

And thank you to Isabel Eggleston, Nonclinical Coordinator, and Geovanni Perez Ramos, Case Manager, for leading our youth to invest their time in this worthwhile effort. It’s great to see The Harbour members taking pride in their new space and we really like the freshly cleaned property at 68 Cumberland Street. You all ROCK!

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