The Best on The Planet

From left to right: Nathan Filion, Erick Marroquin, Steven Perrault, & Esvin Hernandez

With the recent purchase of 68 Cumberland Street, the Community Care Alliance maintenance crew faced a monumental challenge: a months-long process to relocate tons (literal tons) of office supplies, equipment, and furniture to new buildings. What’s more, this strategic move came less than a year after the previous major shift at One Social Street, 55 C-Way, and 8 Court Street.

As we shuffled offices like a giant Rubix Cube, 34 programs and approximately 115 staff members relocated. This is an INCREDIBLE feat for such a small team. Thanks solely to their dedication and muscle—no expensive moving companies needed!

Debra Hawes, Facility Manager, offers her praise, “They are the most multi-talented team I know. The maintenance team at CCA is the best group that I have ever had the pleasure of working with.”

President/CEO Ben Lessing at our all-staff meeting, "We have the hardest working maintenance team on the planet”.

Leading this powerhouse squad are two veterans of the agency, Eric & Esvin, each boasting 20 years of experience with Community Care Alliance. Exploding boilers, knee-high flooded basements, sewage pipe disasters, and calls in the middle of the night are the worst. They’ve tackled a lot over the years.

“I feel like I can go anywhere with the same team,” Esvin said with a smile when asked about his busy schedule. It's A LOT to maintain 24 buildings across the state, but the crew consistently proves they're able to problem-solve and think on their feet to get the job done. 

“No matter how busy they are, they always have a smile and a greeting for everyone they work with,” Debra Hawes adds. “There are not enough words to express how great these guys are.”

On behalf of all staff and clients at Community Care Alliance, thank you Erick, Esvin, Nathan, and Steven for all of your hard work, flexibility, and dedication.

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