Jerry's Story

My name is Jerry. For me, financial stability had always been non-existent; dead end jobs led to dead end jobs, which ultimately led to debt and evictions. While my debt grew larger, my window for change seemed to be getting smaller; I knew I needed change but did not know the path to take to get there.

One day, during conversation, a family friend asked me if I had ever thought of a career change. I hadn’t.“I’m 40 years old,” I thought to myself. “I’m just too old for a career change.” 

She was not convinced that my age should get in the way of a successful future and so together, we looked to find a program that fit my needs.  

The Employment and Training Center (EMTR) had many opportunities for me and I felt that it was where I could truly succeed. Before I knew it, I was a student enrolled in their Healthcare Reimbursement Specialist Program. I could feel myself moving towards positive, meaningful change. 

About three weeks into the program, as part of the course, students were offered an opportunity to attend a job fair with the EMTR staff for a hands-on experience. At first, I declined because I felt like I needed to focus more on my coursework, but as the day approached, I decided to just go.  At the time, I did not realize how important this piece of the program would be to my success.

That day, using my resume developed in class, I was able to confidently approach multiple employers and discuss my skills and qualifications. Shortly after the job fair, one of those employers contacted me requesting an interview with their site manager who offered me a job.

Now a graduate and an employed citizen, I have a more positive view of my future and a better attitude about my career change. Thank you Employment and Training staff for all of your support. 



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