Each person we serve has unique challenges, and we are proud of their successes. One of the best ways to impart the significance of caring for one another is to share our inspiring stories.


Men Tenderly Hatch Eggs — Reap Rewards


A fun idea turned into a rewarding project at Jellison House this spring. Turns out, men love these chicks. The Full Story»


Jessica Jones Honored at General Assembly


Jessica Jones, Certified Peer Recovery Coach, was recognized for her outstanding work in the field of substance use treatment along with three colleagues from across the state. The Full Story»


High Praise & a Win for RI


Ray Conca, Vocational Services Supervisor at Community Care Alliance, is a hero to the people he helps to find employment. In fact, Tony says, “Ray is the best vocational worker in the state of Rhode Island!” The Full Story»


Case Manager in January… Santa by December


Did you know that for most of the year Santa is the team manager of Sutherland Apartments, a supervised apartment program at Community Care Alliance? The Full Story»


Spreading Staff Cheer


Working with vulnerable families involved with DCYF, the staff are exposed to things most people could never imagine being reality—things that shake our core. But, in the spirit of the season, we hold each other up. The Full Story»


Frontline Worker Spotlight—Terry Harmon


Evergreen Assisted Living, a program of Community Care Alliance, has an award-winning employee! The Rhode Island Assisted Living Association (RIALA) awarded Terry Harmon the Direct Care Hero award this month, and we know why! The Full Story»


Frontline Worker Spotlight—Seth Hall


Seth, Administrative Assistant, shares his perspective from behind the desk at the ASU and tells of one patient that made a lasting impression with his arduous journey. The Full Story»


A Crazy Life Comes to Light


New author, Aisha Felix, laid bare her trauma and pain in My Crazy Life , a story that is born out of a childhood that is both magical and terrible at the same time. Her journey brought her to two suicide attempts in a battle for her mental health that has gone on all her life. The Full Story»


Frontline Worker Spotlight—Amanda Coderre


Amanda has come a long way from a person who experienced homelessness to someone who helps our unhoused neighbors. She receives high praise from various supervisors who have so many good things to say about her character and work ethic. What is the trajectory of her story? The Full Story»


The New Normal: LGBTQ+ Youth Living Through COVID-19


Stump Evans, The Harbour Youth Center Program Manager, was asked to speak at The New Normal: LGBTQ+ Youth Living Through COVID-19, a national conference organized by the Philadelphia Coalition for Queer Justice and Intersectional Equity. The Full Story»

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