Each person we serve has unique challenges. One of the best ways to impart the importance of our work is to share their inspiring stories.

Everyone Meets Hardship at One Time or Another


Telling their stories, clients talk about how they've turned their lives around since coming to Community Care Alliance.. The Full Story»

NEYES Mentoring Partnership Trains Young Entrepreneurs


What better way to get young people excited about business than to bring students and experienced business professionals together. The Harbour Youth Center at Community Care Alliance has the students and New England Youth Entrepreneurship Society (NEYES) has the mentors, making a perfect match for this exciting approach to training young people. The Full Story»

Yaneliz's Story


Yaneliz Rodriguez will turn 20 on Christmas Day! We met at the YWCA where she attends the GED/PIP Program (Parenting in Progress) and her children attend day-care with transportation provided. She wants to receive her diploma since leaving high school in the eleventh grade with an eye toward becoming a police officer. The Full Story»

Youth Center Kids Build a Boat


It's amazing what kids can do. The Harbour Youth Center kids took a unique class, learned a lot of skills, and built a boat. And it did float! The Full Story»

Class Prepares Student for New Job


Because I attended the Administrative Office Management class and applied myself each day in class, it has given me the opportunity to improve my MS Office skills. It prepared me for an office environment. The Full Story»

Renee had a Great Learning Experience with CCA


Texas is a really big state, so it’s no surprise when Texans walk in with really ambitious plans! Renee had some grand hopes and dreams when she recently moved from the Lone Star State to the Ocean State. Two of these hopes were to complete her high school education and to get some training that would help her achieve economic stability in order to provide a good life for her two little boys. The Full Story»

The Wilson House Anglers


Counselor, Richard James, took a group of the Wilson House residents on a fishing trip. The Full Story»

Jerry's Story


My name is Jerry. For me, financial stability had always been non-existent; dead end jobs led to dead end jobs, which ultimately led to debt and evictions. While my debt grew larger, my window for change seemed to be getting smaller; I knew I needed change but did not know the path to take to get there. The Full Story»

Telling Frank's Story


“I had a very unstable living situation. I was using substances at the time. That was the time I hurt myself, I tried killing myself and was just at a low, low point in my life.” He’s been sober a little over three years now, so his journey has been long and arduous. The Full Story»

Jasmine's Story


Jasmine Rogers entered the Youth Success program in 2015. She is 18 years old and her son, Xavier is 2 1/2 years old. The Full Story»

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