Each person we serve has unique challenges, and we are proud of their successes. One of the best ways to impart the significance of caring for one another is to share our inspiring stories.

Frontline Worker Spotlight - Christa Thomas Sowers


Every Sunday, including Easter, Christa Thomas-Sowers, Community Outreach Coordinator, connects with people most at-risk by attending the meal program at Bouley Field in Woonsocket. The Full Story»

Frontline Worker Spotlight Ken Matuszek


“One time, I found someone during a routine home medication outreach who was passed out on the floor. He had septic shock from an infection and was delirious. He wanted me to just leave his medications and go... The Full Story»

This Garden Inspires


The garden at Jellison House was built by residents and staff to honor the memory of Anthony Petrucci, Sr., a former employee who lost his battle with cancer earlier this year. The Full Story»

Fishing with EI Families


The families even got to keep an old time fishing pole, made from a stick, with hook, bobbin and sinkers attached. It is so wonderful to see kids outside, having fun and families learning new activities they can do together, safely. The Full Story»

Safe Visiting Spaces


Evergreen Assisted Living staff and clients have had 3 rounds of COVID surveillance tests in June. The Full Story»

Creating Outdoor Moments


It was a truly a day of community. There was such an air of festivity in the Shelter that day! I t was great to see the residents excited about working together and sharing their food and games with each other. The Full Story»

A Luau Parade Winds Through Woonsocket


The community expressed an ecstatic response to the beeping and waving, and many kids and adults ran out of their buildings waving and yelling "THANK YOU!" with bright smiles on their faces. The Full Story»

Portrait of Promise - Maddie


Maddie inspired an all-girls team to be regional competition winners, giving them the opportunity to video chat with real astronauts on the International Space Station for the final competition. And, her diligent efforts to provide support to our most vulnerable populations cannot go unnoticed. The Full Story»

This Intern Shines


In many cases (especially in the middle of a pandemic) internships just sort of...end. The fact that these two had a proper moment to close this chapter, masks and all, says much about both Brianna and Karen. The Full Story»

CCA's First Ever Virtual Board Meeting


Pre-pandemic, our board of directors had committed to having a minimum of five regular meetings per year. Even though it's impossible to gather in person, they decided to meet monthly as long as necessary. The Full Story»

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