Emergency Services

An emergency can seem like it comes out of nowhere and can affect an individual, a family or a community. Our Emergency Services team is always ready to help in a crisis, 24/7… 365 days a year.

Behavioral Health Crisis? Call 401-235-7120

Are You Experiencing an Emergency?

Emergency Services is for the person who is having a psychiatric and/or substance use emergency. Crisis and stabilization services are available for all ages, from children to elders. Examples of emergencies are someone who is depressed and having suicidal thoughts, or someone hearing voices or someone who has overdosed.

What to Expect

Services are provided by face-to-face or telephone contact. We listen to your concerns, assess the situation, take the necessary steps to get you through the crisis and provide immediate access to a full array of behavioral health services that may be needed.

Acute Stabilization Unit

The ASU, as we call it, provides short term, residential services for the person who is having a mental health and/or substance abuse emergency, but who does not need hospitalization. Referrals are made through our Emergency Services Team, hospitals and other sources. 

Critical Incident Response Team

Emergency Services may also be provided in community settings. For example, in schools, police stations, hospitals or other locations impacted by a catastrophic event. Our Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT) deploys to businesses, municipal, or statewide traumatic events to provide psychological first aid, death notification, consultation and support. Our highly experienced team works closely with law enforcement and emergency responders to provide comprehensive mental health counseling and support during a crisis.
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