Woonsocket Shelter

Our friendly, experienced staff work with families as they strive to gain a permanent housing situation.

Families seeking emergency shelter should contact Rhode Island Coordinated Entry (RICE) at 401-277-4316 to speak with a Diversion and Assessment Specialist.

Established in 1989, the Woonsocket Shelter provides emergency housing and case management support for single women and families with children who are homeless. 

In addition to emergency housing, residents are connected to programs to help them address their specific needs so they can transition to safe, permanent housing including:

  • basic needs supports
  • employment and training
  • housing search assistance
  • GED support
  • financial literacy
  • mental health and substance use counseling
  • healthcare
  • early childhood services
  • programs for school-age children
  • life skills training
The shelter is open 24 hours/day, 7 days a week and serves nearly 35 persons per night in the two shelter buildings.
I am so grateful. This place is so nice and you have been wonderful to me."

—Fire Victim in Need of Shelter  

Contact Information

PO Box 1700 | Woonsocket, RI | 02895 | Directions
401.235.7000 Main Agency | 401.235.7120 Emergency

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