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The Serenity Center 

Until further notice, the Serenity Center is open Monday through Friday from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM by appointment only.  Masks must be worn to enter . There is a maximum of 5 people to be in Serenity at one time. 

At the Serenity Center, we celebrate recovery!

Join us for free food, fun, fellowship as we enjoy activities in a sober environment. 


66 Social Street
Woonsocket, RI


Sundays — Wednesdays: 9-5PM
Thursdays — Saturdays: Noon-8PM

Calendar of Events                                                                     


One of the hardest things about being in recovery is deciding where to spend leisure time. The old "haunts" may not be a healthy choice in terms of well-being. At the Serenity Center people can come to be with others who support their recovery. It is a peer-run place that offers supports with Certifed Peer Recovery Specialists, like Lynn and Cecilia. They have been facilitating activities—Motown Karaoke Night, Movie Night, Cookie Baking, Jewelry Making, Picnic in the Park, etc... since the Serenity Center opened in 2015. 

Support groups like Medication Assisted Treatment, AA and Narcotics Anonymous, and Families Coping with Addictions are also offered. A person can visit and get a referral for basic needs and family supports, financial literacy classes, health and wellness activities, etc. A Community Care Alliance and a Health Equity Zone initiative, the Serenity Center is operated with the advocacy of a Consumer Advisory Council. 

The Serenity Center has moved to 66 Social Street in Woonsocket and welcomes all people in recovery. You're in charge of your recovery... Just drop in and hang out a while!

Contact Information

PO Box 1700 | Woonsocket, RI | 02895 | Directions
401.235.7000 Main Agency | 401.235.7120 Emergency

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