Outpatient Therapy Services for Adults

People face life challenges every day that can sometimes become overwhelming. For example, grieving the loss of a loved one, trying to cope with a traumatic event, managing problematic moods, or dealing with an addiction may seem too much to deal with. Our services may help.

Treatment & Counseling

We help individuals, children and families overcome barriers as they face a myriad of challenges with the following.

Individual Counseling

Outpatient Psychiatry

When necessary, psychiatrists provide medication treatment for psychiatric and/or addiction symptoms that you might be experiencing.

Addictions/Substance Use Treatment

Substance use is often a part of the problem many people face. Once recognized, therapeutic approaches and counseling techniques can be effective to support long-term recovery. We have licensed addictions professionals who are fully trained to treat people struggling with addictive behaviors.

DUI Program

Our DUI Program includes a treatment curriculum in a safe, non-judgmental, and supportive setting that meets state requirements for reinstatement.

Problem Gambling Counseling

One of only a few in the state to provide counseling for gambling that has become detrimental to health, home and career.

Group Counseling

Participating in groups is a way to gain from the expertise of others who have overcome similar experiences and can share their strengths. Proven therapies, such as Dialectic Behavior Therapy  and Cognitive Behavior Therapy, as well as anger and relapse prevention tools are integrated into group discussions. 

Family, Marriage and Couples Counseling

Family issues may arise throughout people's lives. We provide counseling services and education to help people in these difficult times.

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