During the COVID19 outbreak, Community Care Alliance is OPEN and providing services and supports where most needed while following safety protocols. A telephone assessment ​option is also available. Some program locations are closed, with staff providing remote contacts and services.

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COVID19 Service Changes
How we provide services has changed, but that we care for you has not. 

How We Help

We support people to address problems during difficult times and give the step up they are seeking. Looking for help? We offer more than 50 services and programs for people challenged by mental health and addiction problems, basic needs, trauma, housing, education and employment. We can help...

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Portrait of Promise - Maddie

Maddie inspired an all-girls team to be regional competition winners, giving them the opportunity to video chat with real astronauts on the International Space Station for the final competition. And, her diligent efforts to provide support to our most vulnerable populations cannot go unnoticed. The Full Story»


This Intern Shines

In many cases (especially in the middle of a pandemic) internships just sort of...end. The fact that these two had a proper moment to close this chapter, masks and all, says much about both Brianna and Karen. The Full Story»


CCA's First Ever Virtual Board Meeting

Pre-pandemic, our board of directors had committed to having a minimum of five regular meetings per year. Even though it's impossible to gather in person, they decided to meet monthly as long as necessary. The Full Story»


Be the One to Say the Bright Thing

And what better day to tell this story, than on the day we are promoting "Call Me Positive" as part of our May is Mental Health Month initiative, a great way of spreading good things happening, even in these difficult times. Let's continue to brighten each other's day with a good laugh and positive thoughts. The Full Story»


Making the Most of Quiet Moments

Alan is an inspiration to all of us who may have more time on our hands during these days of isolation to make time to enjoy the present and create something beautiful. The Full Story»


Creating Outdoor Moments

It was a truly a day of community. There was such an air of festivity in the Shelter that day! I t was great to see the residents excited about working together and sharing their food and games with each other. The Full Story»


A Luau Parade Winds Through Woonsocket

The community expressed an ecstatic response to the beeping and waving, and many kids and adults ran out of their buildings waving and yelling "THANK YOU!" with bright smiles on their faces. The Full Story»


Not Only A Case Manager...

James is not only a case manager at CCA-- he is also a client. The Full Story»


The Frontline is the Food Line

Having the worry about how to provide the next meal is real stress. A stress that many have never felt before—until now. The Full Story»


A Portrait of Promise—Sam

Some jobs you wouldn't think of as essential, but they are! Meet Sam, an essential worker and member of The Harbour youth center. The Full Story»

Our mission 

We support individuals and families in their efforts to meet economic, social and emotional challenges and enhance their well-being.

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