Measuring Care

Using Mirah—An Assessment Tool

Mirah was created by a team of clinicians and technologists, working together with your provider to create the best behavioral health measurement tools possible. At Community Care Alliance, we use Mirah to measure your behavioral health vital signs. 

You and your provider work together 

  • You complete the questionnaire before each session. Takes about 15 minutes or less to do.
  • Your clinician will look at the feedback reports before or during your session to inform how your therapy sessions are going and to make your sessions more effective.

Regular measurement helps people get better faster.

  • By completing the assessment, your clinician gains insights that help inform how your treatment is going and is informed about what works best for you.      
  • Mirah gives you and your clinician vital information on how your treatment is going. 
  • Measurement helps you to contribute to your own therapy goals.
  • Anything you share is protected by HIPAA and our state-of-the art security technology.


Contact your provider with questions about how Mirah is being used to help your treatment.

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