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During the COVID19 outbreak, Community Care Alliance is OPEN and providing services and supports where most needed while following safety protocols. A telephone assessment ​option is also available. Some program locations are closed, with staff providing remote contacts and services.

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Calling for Social Justice

Black Americans and all people of color have reached a tipping point with the murder of George Floyd in Minnesota. America was founded on a slave economy that has largely remained intact for over 400 years.
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On the Radio - Engaging Families During COVID Crisis

Families spending more time together than usual, may be experiencing added stressors.
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In the News - How Life is Changing Inside Youth Group Homes

One challenge with COVID-19 has been housing children in group home living situations. Did you know that Community Care Alliance has helped wayward youth stay safe during quarantine with an emergency intake center?
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A Virtual May is Mental Health Month

In a normal year, Community Care Alliance (CCA) and other mental health providers across the state, would be celebrating at the State House and hosting hundreds of local events to remind Rhode Islanders
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The Frontline is the Food Line

Having the worry about how to provide the next meal is real stress. A stress that many have never felt before—until now.
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In the News - 5 Experts on Handling Trauma of Virus

In the Providence Journal, five experts give advice regarding the mental trauma resulting from the coronavirus pandemic.
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Showing Support in Blue

Wearing blue at their online meeting today, the FCCP Team ( Family Care Community Partnership ) walks the walk everyday helping stressed families and children at risk to meet their goals.
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In the News - Laurie-Marie Pisciotti Mental Health & Coronavirus

I've been worried my whole life. The anxiety never goes away. It always feels as though something terrible is about to happen.
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In the News - Laughter is Medicine We Need Right Now

Did you hear the one about the employer who at some date in the future looked at a job applicant’s resume and said, “There’s a gap in your CV. What were you doing in 2020?” “I was washing my hands,” the job applicant replied.
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Online Education Isn't Just for Kids

Our kids aren't the only ones that had to make the jump to online education during the COVID-19 crisis.
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