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Community Care Alliance Sees Broad Impact on Clients with Use of Mirah

CCA was highlighted on Mirah's website ... (Mirah helps improve behavioral health outcomes through a client personal assessment tool).
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In the News - Honoring nonprofits with Best Practice Awards

Congratulations to CCA's The Harbour Youth Center and all the members of the Woonsocket Afterschool Coalition for earning the Best Practice Award from the Rhode Island Foundation​.
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In the News - Reed Announces $10.4 Million to Help End Homelessness in RI

In an effort to help coordinate housing and supportive services for families and individuals experiencing homelessness across Rhode Island, U.S. Senator Jack Reed, a senior member of the Appropriations Subcommittee on Transportation, Housing, and Urban Development (THUD), today announced $10,405,36...
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In the News - The Rites of Spring in Budgetary Land

One of the more outspoken advocates for community-based behavioral health investments has been Benedict Lessing, Jr. long-time president and CEO of Community Care Alliance.
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In the News - 'A Human Crisis'

For nearly four years, Francis White was addicted to synthetic marijuana, a drug typically manufactured in Asia and sold on the streets as K2 or spice.
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In the News - Treating Addiction Instead of Prosecuting

The initiative — the Law Enforcement Assisted Deflection, Engagement and Retention in treatment, or LEADER program — has secured a three-year grant from the Bureau of Justice Assistance to support the effort.
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In the News - Holding bad corporate actors accountable for their misdeeds

How the opioid crisis came to be and how AG Neronha fought corporate scoundrels is a remarkable story worth reading about.
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In the News - Community Advocates: Nearly 200 Individuals Sought Shelter During Cold Snap

Michelle Taylor, Vice President of Social Health Services for Community Care Alliance, told representatives of the governor’s office in an email last week that at least 180 individuals had sought shelter in motels or other alternate housing options on the night of Wednesday, Jan. 12.
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In the News - No Shelter from the Storm

This story occurred far, far below the radar screen of media visibility, even during a time of heightened sensitivity around the fraying safety net for vulnerable populations in Rhode Island.
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In the News - For local doctor, treating homeless patients means addressing the root issues

For a few hours every Monday, Dr. Nithin trades in his medical office at Thundermist Health Center for a small room at the Community Care Alliance Safe Haven Center on Main Street, where homeless individuals and other visitors list their names for a slot on the doctor’s schedule.
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